About Us

About Us

Akso Health Technology Limited is the world's leading multinational medical technology company, and it's also the first company in Hong Kong to apply optical fiber vibration sensing technology in making cutting-edge medical diagnostic equipment. It is an innovative enterprise that collects human vital signs and chronic disease management services. And enjoy a number of invention patents and independent intellectual property rights.


Since its establishment, Akso's products and services have not only been well received by the industry and users, Akso's business model has been unanimously recognized by industry experts and investment institutions. Many investment institutions are optimistic about Akso and have formed strategic financing.


The APAD Smart Sleep Monitor, the main product of Akso was officially launched in many elderly homes in Hong Kong in 2022. Akso's business has spread all over Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and other places, and its territory is still expanding.


The APAD Smart Sleep Monitor uses optical fiber as the core component.   APAD uses the light attenuation caused by the deformation of the optical fiber caused by vibration, converts the light attenuation value into an electrical signal to calculate the change, and monitors human physiological activities without touching the human body.  The system's sleep analysis is based on physiological changes such as heart rate, breathing rate, and physical activity status.  It monitors the user's apnea and hypopnea during sleep, when an abnormal breathing event occurs, APAD slightly stimulates the user's sensitive parts, so the user wakes up slightly to relieve apnea and hypopnea. APAD is mainly for patients with sleep apnea syndrome.


Akso Health Technology Limited adheres to technological innovation as the driving force, utilizes artificial intelligence, 5G, big data and other advanced technologies, and strives to become a sustainable health industry service platform through technology integration and industrial integration.


In the future, Akso will continue to deepen the pipeline model of medical devices, gradually explore a more efficient and orderly road, actively build an open, cooperative and win-win medical device industry ecosystem, and continue to create value for customers.

Vision & Mission

  • Home-based Care

    Home-based Care

    We work to achieve healthcare in a home-based and automated manner that improves effectiveness for professional healthcare.

  • Gerontechnology


    We work to provide innovative and technological solutions to improve the quality of healthcare at home. Smart home devices allows users to enjoy the convenience of technology without having to significantly change their lifestyles.

  • Strengthen Family Connections

    Strengthen Family Connections

    Telehealth care removed the physical barriers to enable users to stay connected with their families even when they do not live together.

  • Sustainability


    We use optical fibre that is committed to sustainability and efficiency. The power efficient technology helps build a smart ageing community.